Methodology: Platon Insight

Platon Insight®: A proven system for leveraging information

In order to manage and leverage information as a strategic asset, you must overcome immense challenges that require formidable skills. Examples of such challenges are to:

  • Embed management of data into the very fabric of an organization
  • Deliver a reporting solution that changes behavior
  • Develop a Data Warehouse solution that will stand the test of time

That’s why from day one, we’ve invested heavily in developing, testing and sharing practices that address the common challenges encountered in working with Information Management. since 1999.

The result is a coherent and extensive methodology called Platon Insight®. It’s a system that defines and expresses our beliefs and accelerates our engagement with every one of our clients around the world.

Platon Insight intro video

Watch this short intro film to Platon's Methodology and see why it is important to have a structured approach to information.

Platon Insight®

Platon's methodology, Platon Insight®, handles all aspects of Information Management from overall strategy to detailed design and implementation.

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