Platon joins Deloitte

We are proud to announce that Platon joins Deloitte, the largest audit and consultancy firm in the world.
Press release:

The consultancy firm Platon joins Deloitte

Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 April 2014 – Deloitte can today publish the merger with the Platon Group, one of the leading advisory firms within information management.

”Deloitte is extremely proud to announce that the consultancy firm Platon will be part of Deloitte in the future”, says Anders Dons, CEO of Deloitte, and continues:

”Management and use of data are some of the most important drivers of value in both private and public companies. Executives need to make complex choices and consequently need to be able to understand complex data. This applies not only to the financial area, which is traditionally data driven, but also within manufacturing, sales, risk management, strategy and tax.”

The message from Platon is as follows:

”Platon is passionate about keeping its leading market position within information management, and this is why we have chosen to join Deloitte”, says Michael Borges, CEO of Platon, and continues:

”This is the perfect match, because Deloitte possesses both the necessary insight and the international resources, enabling us to deliver the best solutions within data-driven business development together.”

Deloitte is also looking forward to delivering better and stronger solutions to clients.

“Globally, Deloitte is one of the leading advisory firms within business intelligence. As a natural consequence, we have now chosen to strengthen our foothold in the Scandinavian market,” says Anders Dons.

Deloitte reports that the next month will be spent on planning the integration of Platon in Deloitte – an integration which takes place in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Deloitte expects to be able to welcome Platon’s employees in June.

Facts about Deloitte:
Deloitte Denmark is member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). Deloitte is the largest audit and consultancy firm in the world. Deloitte Denmark had revenues of DKK 2,306m in 2012/2013 and counts more than 2,100 full-time employees.

Facts about Platon:
Platon is an independent consultancy firm offering expert advisory services and solution implementation within information management – a term covering business intelligence, performance management, data warehouse, master data and data management, among other things. Platon has offices in all the Scandinavian countries and employs more than 150 practitioners.