From Business Intelligence Specialist to Big Data Pioneer!

Scandinavian consultant firm Platon has been chosen to support Microsoft HDInsight for their big data customer implementations through Microsoft Corp.’s Big Data Partner Incubation Program.
Big data includes data of literally any form, shape, and size. With Microsoft HDInsight, Microsoft has taken Business Intelligence to the next level, removed previous constraints, and opened up for new types of data like audio and image. Microsoft HDInsight is a distribution of Apache Hadoop for the Windows Azure and Windows Server platforms. It is an enterprise-ready Hadoop service that enables customers to seamlessly store and process data of all types, including structured, unstructured and real-time data in order to achieve rich insights and essentially reach a new level in information agility. Platon has been chosen as one of a few select partners worldwide to participate in the Microsoft Big Data Partner Incubation Program to test, evaluate and mature HDInsight and expose the Hadoop technology to a broader audience.

Stig Torngaard Hammeken, Partner at Platon, says: "We look forward to this shift in paradigm and to bringing the exciting new business opportunities created by the pioneers in big data to business intelligence users. By essentially removing constraints like cost, scalability, and broad availability, HDInsight and big data will change the way we look at information and radically impact all of us”.

Platon has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for nearly 10 years and was first to deliver Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions in Denmark. Platon has continuously raised the bar for the usage of information and has documented experiences and best practices through its own methodology. Platon has pioneered projects with a number of Scandinavian clients in the big data domain based on individual use cases and technologies. That is why Platon was the natural choice for Microsoft’s Big Data Partner Incubation Program.

"HDInsight helps customers uncover strategic business insights from structured and unstructured data. Platon’s expertise in Business Intelligence and support for HDInsight will help customers take full advantage of the value of big data," says Bob Baker, Director, Microsoft Server and Tools Marketing.

“We are honoured about being included in this exclusive Microsoft Partner program and also excited about HDInsight and other Microsoft Big Data initiatives to come. We look forward to provide Big Data solutions on Windows Server and Windows Azure and essentially take Microsoft Business Intelligence to the next level together with our customers“, Stig Torngaaard Hammeken says.

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