Who are we?

Platon is an independent Information Management (IM) consultancy firm that helps you transform your company information into a competitive advantage.

Are you overlooking one of your most powerful strategic resources?

What if each piece of information generated from every single business interaction was readily available - wherever and whenever anyone in your organization needed it? And what if it was in the right form and quality to help you meet your business goals? That’s where we come in. Learn about our services.

How we add value to your business

Platon helps you manage and leverage information from a business-strategic point of view. In order to do so, we offer you expert advice, implementation assistance and training based on:

  • International experience: Over a decade of helping companies manage and leverage their information in 8 countries around the world
  • Expertise and know-how: 150+ of the world’s top Information Management professionals
  • Focus: Only on Information Management. We want to stay focused on what we do best
  • Your best interests: We have strong partnerships with the leading technology vendors, but we are product-independent, which means our help is based solely on objective business criteria

We want to guide you towards your goals

“The journey from today’s world of poor data quality and fragmented Business Intelligence solutions towards enterprise Information Management is a complex one. At Platon we have dedicated our efforts to helping our clients make this journey.”

- Michael Borges, CEO Platon

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