Information: A crucial - but too often forgotten - factor

In order to meet various strategic goals - like minimizing risk, reducing costs or creating opportunities - a company will draw on whatever resources they have available. Yet there is one particular resource that is often neglected: Information.

Whose information is it anyway?

Every time you take action in any kind of business process, you generate information. Initially itís stored as data in IT systems. So, itís not surprising that there is a general tendency to assume that it's the sole responsibility of the IT department.

How we add value to your business

Obviously your IT department plays an important function. Yet unless you interpret and apply your data from a business-strategic point of view, you will be passing up on much of its value. Platon draws on years of independent experience and expert resources to offer you world-class:

Advisory services


Infrastructure services


Insight in an information society

"Insight is based on access to data, information and knowledge. The ability to use and share these resources will be of increasing importance competitively in todayís Information and knowledge society."

- JÝrgen Steines, Partner, Platon

Is Data the New Oil?