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Would you like to know more about us? Click on the portrait and read what coleague takes care of your services. You are also always welcome in our office. We can have a cup of tea or coffee, play football, or talk about current trends and news in IT. Do not hesitate to write us:)


Ondrej Jombík

CEO Ondrej is a key foundation and sould of the whole company. He always tailors products for customer needs and he is willing to solve their problems 24/7. He wants to improve himself all the time and he is fanatical in a customer approach. It does not matter what issue will arrive, Ondrej can solve it in a flash. Besides his job which he likes, his major hobby is soccer. ceo@platon.net

Eva Legenyova

Assistant Evka is our friendly and helpful colleague. Everything we need, she can arrange and organize in an effective and classy way. She maintains overview about everything important and puts an order where it is required. She likes sweets, which are hidden all accross her desk. surname@platon.net

Igor Mino

Web Developer Igor is our programmer, who automates all the repeated tasks in Control Panel. In addition he also develops web applications. His job, his hobby and his studies met together in one. He does not see any problem and he thinks everything is possible. His hope is one day he can develop a solution what would help mankind to operate more like a man and less like a robot. surname@platon.net

Dominika Hofierkova

Technical Support Dominika is happy to help you in a complicated situations when you need to communicate fast. Besides all kind of workouts and runs, her hobby is traveling. She is getting new energy by watching a good movie or reading an interesting book. surname@platon.net

Lukás Mastilak

System Administrator Lukas can professionally handle our servers like a boss. Not only he can fix all the problems, but he also like go extra mile and delivers a permanent solution which will bring its fruits in the future. In his spare time he performs all kind of sports. surname@platon.net

Jakub Filo

System Administrator Jakub see a big future of an open-source software and therefor he is a big fan of it. He is patient and he prefers conceptual and long-term solutions, which can eliminate most of the problems in the future. Some time ago he was an Archlinux user and he still starts up his computer using Libreboot. surname@platon.net

Jan Cirik

Technical Support Ciro's job is mostly a customer support, webhosting and domains maintenance. He is communicative, he likes to smile, and he loves to help. Patient and persistent, so he can solve the problem or find a solution as quickly as possible. He is a former professional football player and his current passion is running and crossfit. surname@platon.net

Matej Ridzon

Project Manager Matej is a new addition to our team. He supports our clients and their hosting services. He came from the world of customer cooperation and manual creation, so the communication with him is going to be easy and fun. During his work he likes silence or listening some calm music. surname@platon.net

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