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dns backup

Backup your DNS and incerase security

We have a high-quality DNS server architecture around the world. With this, your site loads faster from anywhere, regardless wherever you are.

mx backup

Do not lose even one e-mail

Backup mailserver (also called MX backup) is an add-on service of Platon Technologies, s.r.o. The service allows delivery of emails even when your primary mailserver is overloaded or temporarily unavailable.

mass mailing

Send your newsletter comfortably and on time

If you regularly send a large number of emails and you need fast delivery and quality processing, we recommend massmailing.


Kick up slow loading of your content

The Content Delivery Network is a good solution for separating the logical and data page parts, such as videos, pictures, but also for serving demanding data services.


Secure your website with premium certificates

SSL certificate brings a several advantages. Not only it provides a secure data transfer between website and its visitors, but it also accelerates a page loading time and the Google ranking. Read here why SSL certificate is now absolutely inevitable for your website.


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