Summary of Invoices on the Web Portal

  • Column REG – preview invoice – either in tabular format or as PDF
  • Invoice – This column features the invoice number - If the number is in the form 1xxxx, it is a proforma invoice.
    Proforma invoice – not a tax receipt. We issue it in order for you to verify it. It is e-mailed to your contact e-mail address. By paying this invoice you confirm its accuracy. Once the amount due is credited to our account, we issue the proper invoice that serves as a tax document and this will then be sent to you by regular mail, too. The numbers of paid invoices start with the current year followed by the invoice number (e.g. 2012-1234)
  • Invoice date – The date of the invoice issue.
  • At sign – Indicates whether the invoice has been sent by e-mail to the contact address listed in the system.
  • Envelope – Indicates whether the invoice has been sent by mail to the billing address on the system.
  • Euro – Indicates whether the invoice has already been paid
  • Due Date – The due date of the invoice
  • Amount Due – The amount due including VAT
  • Language – Language in which the invoice is issued


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