General e-mail information

Platon Webhosting uses exclusively a secured access to all e-mail accounts and services.

We realize that valuable or sensitive data are often sent by e-mail. A non-secured access always creates a certain risk of detecting and misusing your password by a third party. A secured access does not allow capturing of your password. Therefore our service blocks a non-secured access to e-mail accounts and only allows a secured access through SSL.

In spite of the aforementioned protection, it is always necessary to keep passwords to e-mail accounts confidential. Shall you provide the password to a person, make sure they are trustworthy. We also recommend remembering a password instead of keeping it in your computer or writing it down somewhere.

Sending E-Mails

Electronic mail is sent by the SMTPS protocol SMTPS.

Receiving E-Mails

Receiving electronic mail is possible through the POP3S protocol or the IMAPSprotocol.

mail.yourdomain.ext can also be used as the server name. We, however, recommend using server names *, which are secured by our professional SSL certificate that recognizes 99 % of e-mail clients.

In case you do not know the difference between POP3S and IMAPS protocols, or you have trouble deciding which one to use, we suggest reading the following article:

  • Difference between POP3 and IMAP protocols
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