How to redirect domain

Our web portal allows you to redirect your domain to another domain on the DNS level (A records).

Before setting up a redirect for a domain, it is important to change in the DNS records the A record of the domain to the IP address In the configuration interface go to DNS – Domain List and find the respective domain.

Click on the View icon, go to the section A records and click on Edit for the respective A record.

In this section it is necessary to change the IP address to for all A records that you want to redirect. (That means it is possible to choose which A record will be redirected – for instance will be redirected, while (or any other subdomain, such as will not be.))

The next screenshot shows that the domain has a redirect server defined in the A record, so it can be redirected to another domain, but has our webhosting servers defined in the record, therefore this domain is not redirected.

Now, when the A record has been set to the redirect server, in the left side menu go to WWW – Redirect and click on the button Add New Redirect for the respective domain.

In the right corner click on Advanced Settings.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Virtual Host: subdomain . domain (subdomain before the dot is optional)
  • Match Path (optional): define only if you wish to redirect a concrete subdirectory on the domain.
  • Match subdomains: this setting is used for default forwarding of subdomains to the same destination URL / domain. Thus if you wish to redirect all subdomains and the main domain to the same destination, select All Subdomains in the drop down menu. If you wish to redirect only the www. subdomain, select only WWW. Subdomain. If you do not want to redirect any subdomains or the default domain (domain.ext without www.), check the last option No subdomains.
  • Match Protocol: the recommended setting is all protocols, but if necessary in a specific case, you may separate the HTTP and HTTPS redirects in this setting.
  • Redirect Type: leave 301 Permanent Redirect
  • Destination URL: specifies where the domain should be redirected. Apart from a domain or subdomain, also a specific folder on a domain can be set as the destination.


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