IMAP (POP3) Account Configuration in Mail app for MacOs

This tutorial was made on MacOS Mojave version:10.14.6. Other versions of MacOS should be visually the same, or with a few differences.

This is a short tutorial, how to configure the email client Mail on MacOS for downloading emails using IMAP (POP3) protocol to mailboxes at Platon Webhosting. The mailbox is used as an example here, but it can be aply for all mailboxes on our servers.

IMAP a POP3 protocols have some own specifications, You can find more info in our Support section, but we recommend to use IMAP protocol.

Run the aplication Mail. In menu choose Mail -> Add acount....

In configuration window "Choose a Mail account provider..." click Other Mail Account... and click Continue.

In next window "Add a Mail account (Mail)" fill these fields:

  • Name: Platon Technologies (fill your name f.e.)
  • Email address: (fill your email address you are setting up)
  • Password: (fill your password to your mailbox)

  • Then click Sign In

    In next step you have to specify:

  • Account type: IMAP (POP - picture on the right for POP3 account)
  • Incoming Mail Server: ( - picture on right for POP3 account)
  • Outgoing Mail Server: ( - it is the same also for POP3 - picture on the right for POP3 account)
  • After you fill all these fields, continue again Sign In

    Your Email account was configured.

    In case you filled all fields correct, window "Select the apps you want to use with this account" appear.

    Choose Mail (you can also click app Notes, if you want to connect it with your account). Finally click Done and the account will be created.

    Your email account was already created. We recommend to click in menu of Mail app on Mail -> Prefferences... to specify these settings.

    Now click the tab Accounts and in the section Account information you can change a name of your account, which you will see in your Mail app after opening.

    So in the field Description you can choose an optional name (in our case we let the name: Testdomain)

    Next click the section Server settings and to specify settings UNclick fields "Automatically manage connection settings" (red squares - for IMAP and also for SMTP)

    After UNclick those fields you can see detailed settings information "Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)" a "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)".

    If there are any differences, please correct all fields according to this picture and click SAVE

    There are server settings on left side of the picture for IMAP account, in case you use server settings for POP3 account, see the right side of this picture.

    Your email client is now finally configured and you can use it.


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